June 5, 2018

When a catastrophic loss occurs, a business owner’s first impulse may be to mitigate the loss and resume operations as quickly as possible. However, settling a commercial property insurance claim is a complex undertaking and accepting an insurance adjuster’s opinions or an insurance company’s offer of settlement without investigation or review can lead to a settlement that is far less than the business bargained for.

Corless Barfield Trial Group provides strategic representation to commercial property policyholders involved in complex, high-stakes disputes with their insurers. We have helped business owners in Florida pursue claims for business interruption and other damages under their commercial property insurance coverage.

At Corless Barfield, we appreciate the unique factors involved in evaluating the measure of damages to a business. We know that your expenses may involve more than simply repairing or rebuilding the premises, including loss of rental income, loss of customers, moving costs, and expenses to bring a building up to code after damage.  We work diligently to prepare and properly submit your claims in a timely fashion, and we institute litigation and pursue it aggressively as needed to obtain favorable results for your property damage claim.

Insurance companies are in the business of making money. Insurers will seek to deny, delay, or underpay your claim. The insurance company’s approach to litigation is often to delay resolution as long as possible. But business owners cannot wait years to resolve a legal matter.  Most commercial losses also include more than one building. Sometimes dozens or even hundreds of separate units can be involved, and the method changes from how you would approach a single family residence.

Even though commercial policies require insurance companies to restore businesses to pre-event conditions, adjusters frequently undervalue and wrongfully refuse to pay property damage claims.  Insurers try to refuse to pay out under business interruption or business income coverage policies which are designed to protect business owners against a loss of income when their businesses are interrupted due to storms, fires, and other disastrous events.

The experienced and successful lawyers at Corless Barfield can help you recover the money needed to restore your business and compensate you for your commercial losses. Our law firm will investigate and document losses, tangible and not, and become familiar with the insurance policy, including the coverages available, limitations on those coverages, case law, deductibles, conditions precedent, and statutory requirements necessary to make a claim.

Whether you have experienced property loss or damages due to sinkhole, fire, flood, hurricane, wind or other type of covered disaster, you are entitled to full and fair compensation on your insurance claim. Insurance adjusters are more interested in serving the insurance company’s interests rather than advocating for you to gain your rightful compensation for your losses. In order to prevail on your insurance claims, you often will need the assistance of your skilled lawyers who know how to protect your rights and effectively negotiate with your insurance company.

We represent the full spectrum of commercial and residential clients in insurance claim cases. If your property insurance claim has been denied or delayed, contact Corless Barfield Trial Group today at 877-517-5595 or 813-258-4998 for a free consultation.  Furthermore if you are a lawyer and need the support of an experienced, fully funded legal team, we can help you.