January 30, 2023

Comprehensive Legal Solutions for Lloyd’s of London Arbitration

Lloyd’s of London is at the center of the insurance world when it comes to coverage for property damage disputes, and Corless Law Group offers unparalleled, goal-oriented legal strategies and solutions for Lloyd’s of London arbitration.  Many Lloyd’s insurance policies today require the arbitration of disputes with the application of New York law in New York, and Corless Law Group has extensive experience with this arbitration paradigm.  The result is an ability for our firm to transform insurance-related disputes into fair and efficient resolutions.

Corless Law Group is a high-stakes insurance dispute and property damage law firm dedicated to providing the highest quality representation for our policyholder clients.  The firm is uniquely qualified to handle complex insurance disputes and arbitration matters, especially since this form of alternative dispute resolution has become increasingly cost-effective, private, flexible, and expeditious.  

Other law firms routinely retain us for our success and sophistication in addressing the nuances surrounding Lloyd’s arbitration claims.  In the area of property damage disputes, these cases often involve a coastal issue and Lloyd’s syndicates the risk as they put together a group of insurers.  Therefore, Florida policyholders must be prepared for the rarefied world of applying New York law in these arbitration proceedings. 

Corless Law Group serves as effective co-counsel every step of the way to evaluate these types of claims on their merits and then provide a roadmap to achieving full compensation. It is important to partner with a law firm that has experience resolving these claims through arbitration.  Lloyd’s arbitration requires personal attention, strong and specialized advocacy, skilled negotiation, and collaboration.  As a team, we work tirelessly towards a singular goal – maximizing compensation that clients rightfully and justly deserve.  

“On a daily basis we focus on ensuring that our clients receive individualized legal services of the highest caliber.  As a 25+ year veteran litigator, I am proud to offer our turnkey services in the successful resolution of Lloyd’s arbitration hearings.  We work with various stakeholders including other lawyers, law firms, and individual policyholders to achieve the best possible result,” says Ted Corless.  

The breadth and depth of Corless Law Group’s knowledge, experience, and integrity is evidenced by building a team of experts, conducting major investigations, utilizing AR/VR technology, and achieving record-setting results.  We have handled dozens of Lloyd’s arbitration insurance matters and high-stakes insurance disputes of all sizes including:

  • $500+ Million in Total Case Results 
  • $10+ Million Recovered in Lloyd’s of London Arbitration Cases
  • Arbitrated Historic Loss Involving 20+ Condo Units

If you think that you could benefit from speaking with a legal professional at Corless Law Group about your Lloyd’s of London arbitration or insurance dispute, contact us at 813-258-4998. We look forward to assisting you.

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