March 27, 2018

On March 8, 2018, a Pinellas County jury returned a verdict in favor of Cloverplace Condominium Associations for $12.7 million against Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. In response to that, Barry Gilway, president of Citizens, wrote a letter to the editor of the Tampa Bay Times, specifically suggesting that the issue has more to do with attorney’s fees and cash, than the repairs. Respectfully, Mr. Gilway’s statement to the media is wrong, and it’s easy to prove. All you gotta do is read his letter where he describes what they’re doing, which their effort to retroactively apply a law to a policy existed before the law was passed. We’re gonna be providing these materials on our website with a detailed explanation of how it is that Citizens continues to mismanage the claim and waste public resources chasing theories that have already been rejected by the courts. My name is Ted Corless, and I invite you to go to our website at to keep this matter alive.