August 25, 2016

People ask me what I do and I tell them I am a trial lawyer. Many times people assume that any lawyer is an injury trial lawyer because that would mean that just because they have a bar license that somehow they spend time in a court room. We know that’s not true.

Injury Trial Lawyer – Corless Barfield Trial Group

Most cases that we try at Corless Barfield are cases where we have identified the client, they have found us through the web, or the law firm that is representing them is looking to us to use our experience and our resources to prepare a case to present to a jury. In our experience in doing that, we have identified various points where we have developed strategies that work. Especially, well against insurance companies. Now, insurance companies are bureaucratic, lots of paper and lots of rules. Well, therein lies opportunity for a trial lawyer. What we’re trying to do is to put an insurance company in an awkward position such that they are using the bureaucratic rules that drive them, to our advantage when we present evidence to a jury. Let me give you an illustration.

First Set the Pace

First of all, it’s important that we set the pace. What we like to do when we sign up a new client is to develop the case in discovery before we even file the lawsuit. Meaning that we gather all the information that we need so that we can apply pressure to the process, affect the pace, move the pace as quickly as we can. Because most of the time, the insurance companies that we are up against, aren’t doing that.

Secondly We Need to Prepare

Second of all, it’s imperative that we prepare, prepare and prepare some more. Now, that can be everything from preparing a witness before they go into a deposition. Certainly before they prepare to go in front of a jury, but also using jury consultants or developing themes early in the litigation that then show up at various intervals.

Third – Tell a Story

The third, and most important part of what I do is telling a story. Being a good trial lawyer means you have to be a good storyteller. I like to tell juries that I am going to ask the insurance company to play in our ballpark. What I mean by that, is when we’re finished with the case, it is my hope, it is my goal that at the end of the presentation to the jury that the jurors deliberate and If I were to ask each one of those jurors what our theme was, they’re going to give us the same answer. Those are the things that we have done with success in trying cases over the past 20 years.

I hope this video has provided you additional information about the legal issues that you may be facing. If you, or your lawyer would like to consult with us about your case or claim give us a call. You take care of your family, I’ll take care of the insurance company.